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About us


Our Mission
KEBAA Investment Developing Co. has its headquarters in Cairo City sience 2001, but we have an experience in the egyptian market for than 30 years old.We sell all kinds of screws,nuts,bolts,washers,anchors and rivets.We can also provide importing of any prodcut from abroad.We sell primarily to industrial and commercial customers such as: corporations, small businesses, universities, cities and towns, military, contractors, auto body shops, mechanics, plumbers, electricians, garages, handyman services and the list just keeps going on......

Why Us?
We offer all time the best quality, we are not kike the others who look for the best prices. all time we present the best quality. A

Our main goal is providing the best quality after that the prices comes.Although that, we can offer the best prices in Egypt. So with us you can get the best prices for the best quality.Open our quality page to see how do we care about quality.see our clinets to

Our Clinets
We have many big orgnazation clinet in Egypt like Mohem, Union Air, MMG, and we have customers in other conteries too like Libya and Sudan.





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